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    NNB and NRB Terms and Conditions
    1. Scope

    All institutions registering as National Nominating Bodies (NNBs) or as National Representative Bodies (NRBs) accept that their relationship with the Frontiers Research Foundation shall be governed by these terms and conditions (the NNB and NRB T&Cs).

    Further terms and conditions may apply to specific aspects of the relationship, and to the management of the Frontiers Planet Prize. In particular, these include the following:

    • the Privacy Policy,
    • the T&Cs of use of the Frontiers Research Foundation website,and any other rules which the Frontiers Research Foundation may from time to time adopt to govern any aspect relating to the Frontiers Planet Prize.

    (all of the above, including these NNB and NRB T&Cs, the Terms and Conditions)

    The Frontiers Research Foundation reserves the right to modify any of the above at its discretion. Any modifications shall be posted to the website at (the Website).

    1. Selection of NNBs and NRBs

    The selection of National Nominating Bodies (NNBs) and of National Representative Bodies (NRBs) within the context of the Frontiers Planet Prize is made solely by the Frontiers Research Foundation. The Frontiers Research Foundation shall consider registration requests at its discretion.

    Selection as NNB or NRB for one year does not guarantee selection for any coming year, and the Frontiers Research Foundation reserves the right to discontinue NNB or NRB status at its discretion.

    The Frontiers Research Foundation may revoke NNB or NRB status with immediate effect in the event of a material breach by said NNB or NRB of any Terms and Conditions.

    1. Registration of NNBs and NRBs

    NNBs and NRBs are required to register on the platform available on the Website. The NNBs and NRBs are responsible to ensure that the information provided by them on at the time of registration is accurate and are responsible to ensure that the information is maintained up to date in the event of any change.

    1. Roles and responsibilities of NNBs and NRBs

    The roles of the NNBs and NRBs within the scope of the Frontiers Planet Prize shall be as further described on the Website and in relevant part in the Terms and Conditions.

    The NNBs and NRBs shall undertake their respective roles in full independence and under their own responsibility. The Frontiers Research Foundation shall not have any power to instruct the NNBs or NRBs in any way, in particular as to the nomination and selection of any candidates for the Frontiers Planet Prize.

    The NNBs and NRBs shall ensure that all their respective activities are carried out in accordance with all relevant:

    1. legislation and codes of practice, including but not limited to those relating to health and safety, data protection, modern slavery, safeguarding, bribery, tax evasion and relevant financial sanctions laws;
    2. local rules as well as any other applicable legislation, to the extent relevant; and
    3. scientific and ethical guidelines, principles and standards.

    In discharging their duties, NNBs and NRBs shall in particular comply with the principles and rules governing conflict of interest and ensure that each nominee is of irreproachable ethical and scientific integrity and in the capacity to represent its Institution in the competition. The NNBs and NRBs shall immediately inform the Frontiers Research Foundation in the event of a conflict of interest or integrity issue. The Frontiers Research Foundation's Conflict of Interest Rules are attached to these Terms and Conditions for information.

    In selecting the nominees, the NNBs and NRBs take full responsibility for ensuring that the nominee is the lead scientist who validly represents the group of co-authors, should he/she be awarded the title of National Champion, respectively International Champion. The NNBs and NRBs that processed the nomination will address any conflicts between the co-authors, if necessary, in full discharge of the Frontiers Research Foundation.

    1. Listing of NNBs and NRBs

    All NNBs and NRBs shall be listed on the Website, including their name, address and logo. By registering, the NNBs and NRBs grant the Frontiers Research Foundation a worldwide perpetual and royalty-free license to use their name and logo in association with the Frontiers Planet Prize.

    1. Costs

    Participation in the Frontiers Planet Prize award process through registration and activity as a NNB or NRB is purely voluntary. Accordingly, each NNB or NRB shall bear its own costs associated with such registration and activity. Under no circumstances shall such costs be covered by or claimable from the Frontiers Research Foundation, including in the event of an exclusion of a candidate nominated or selected by the NNBs or NRBs, or a cancellation of the Frontiers Planet Prize for any reason.

    1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    These NNB and NRB T&Cs shall be governed by Swiss substantive law, without reference to its conflict of laws provisions. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Lausanne, Switzerland.

    Please accept Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy